Monday, January 7, 2008


The first time I ever saw The Poison Control Center was at the Athen's Popfest in 2005. I had heard some stories about them from Gabe Saucedo of Red Pony Clock telling me how they beat each other and the audience up during their sets so I was poised for some pain when they took the stage at the 40 watt wearing JFK masks and dancing to Edison Lighthouse. Needless to say the show was amazing and probably one of the only times I felt like I was in physical danger during a rock show. One of my many favorite memories of the show was THIS GUY losing his glasses in a mosh and yelling and everyone so that they wouldn't step on them. So yes, it was great and we instantly hit it off due to our similarities and love of pop music. Since then we have crossed paths several times on different tours and most recently their excellent bass player Joe Terry joined Fishboy in November on our tour of the western US. Their newest album A Collage of Impressions is a wonderful patchwork quilt of four song writers different take on the American pop song. Like Iowas own version of The White Album this thing goes to a lot of unexpected places, but you're always happy with the final destination. And while I often compare them to my own band, they are definitely light years ahead of us on guitar solos and backing vocals...and stage basically just light years ahead of us.. "Where can I see this amazing band?" well, if you are from my neck of the woods, the sad news is they've never been to Texas...


thats right! We're playing two amazing shows with the PCC on Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday the 12th at Rubber Gloves in Denton with Teenage Cool Kids and Sparlin Jessels

and Sunday the 13th at the Mohawk in Austin with Peel presented by!

you should come!!


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