Saturday, May 3, 2008

tour update #4

alright alright....I finallly have sometime to update people on the tour.

The Borg Ward was a rad little art space in Milwaukee the other bands were great too. We stayed with our friend Jamie after the show and the next day she took us to an amazingly good and cheap (like half the price of IHOP but better) diner.

We had some detours on the way to bloomington that slowed our trip down but it was totally worth it. Josh and his friends at the state house have an incredible house venue happening in the little college town. We rolled into town listening to Jackie Wilsons Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and sure enough at the end of the first bands set they covered the same Ghostbusting hit. The band was called Busmans Holiday and yeah they were real good. Great harmonies in Bloomington. After them our friend Justin Vollmar played some great quite songs. I first met Justin when we both opened for Half Handed Cloud a few years ago in Ft. Worth. He was great then but he's gotten even better. Next was Amo Joy, our friends from Indianapolis who are starting their own west coast tour this week. They played a special acoustic set that was very fun. This is one of the best and nicest bands we've met. You should go see them when they come to your town.


After some late night pita pit and web surfing we crash at the state house, woke up and headed to chicago.

This was the second time we played Quenchers (free food!) and it was kind of a let down. Maybe because it was so early in the week..but a bunch of our friends we were hoping to see couldn't make it. We ended up making a lot of new friends though. It was a weird set but good none the less. Our friend Ed was nice enough to let us stay at his place. I left him this note:

We had a great house show at the Shrieking Shack with Big Fresh who have a new album that we can't listen to because there is a disc stuck in our player. But if it's as good as they sound live I'm sure it will be awesome. This SS folks were very kind and gave us some great vegetarian food. YANP was there and it was rad to meet Matt in person at last.

wow this one was rough. We drove about 8.5 hours to hop on stage at the Charm City Art Space and played a tired set full of gear malfunctions. But it wasn't that bad. A lot of folks dug it the other bands were wonderful Thee Lexington Arrows, The Up Set and Markitech. Definately check those guys out. Afterwards we chilled in a filthy dorm room with Neil of the Dallas legends Voot Cha Index.


This has probably been the best show of the tour. We rocked out the Knitting Factory with the outstanding Uncle Monsterface and The Besties (who just finished recording a new album) I'm running out of time to update but I will just say thank you to everyone who came out to this show and sang a long (!!) I really was not expecting to have people yelling out rock opera words at me. Very strange and flattering. You guys rule.

quick update: We finally got a Boston show on Sunday. It's an instore at Hub Comics at 3pm. The day after free comicbook day and the owner is saving me a stash! weeeee!

talk to you soon.



Mike said...

justin, sweatpants, and jon are tour heros. eric you are getting there, but you might want to try harder (just kidding) see you guys in athens, still trying for atlanta. mike

FrequencyDown said...

Damn straight, NY was awesome. Not often do I see a Fishboy show and get punched in the face in the subway tunnels.