Tuesday, May 27, 2008

tour wrap up!

ok so I dropped the ball on the tour blog. The thing is, after New York I got kind of sick and unmotivated for about a week to do any blogging...then after that I just figured I was so far behind I should just wait until I get home. THEN when I got home a large amount of stuff went down to where I'm finally settling down back in the groove of things and can do some serious memory straining recaps. so here we go:

Saturday May 3rd:
after catching some lunch in Brooklyn we headed up north to Worcester Mass where it was about 20 to 30 degrees colder. After here we met up with Joe from Harry and the Potters and his new totally sweet rock group 926 Main St. Apt B. We also got to meet Kevin and Justine from Math the Band whose set was totally badass and wonderful extremely nice and funny people to boot. After the show we hung out at the late night food spot on campus at Clark University and then stayed up until 5 a.m. playing Triva Pursuit. Early in the game I made the mistake of claiming "pink is sooo easy" because I went on to miss a lot of questions in the pink category (entertainment).

Sunday May 4th:
After chilling out a bit we drove up to Boston to play an in store at the amazing Hub Comics. Saturday was free comic book day so we were greeted by Hub employee/Uncle Monsterface puppeteer/awesome dude Jesse with a large stack of free comics. The show was a typical instore, people coming and going with a core group that stayed for the whole show. Afterwards we picked up tons of awesome comics and went with Jesse and Paul from Harry and the Potters to go see Ironman (as it opened that weekend...sheesh this is a late entry!) I know you don't come to the fishblog to hear about movies but Favurea (sp) and crew nailed it. I think if you let that guy make any movie he'll come up with something good because he's so in-tuned to natural sounding quick funny dialogue. Just a theory though. After the movie we drove to Providence and stayed at Kevin and Justines where I passed out after taking some cold medicine.

Monday May5th
This was probably one of my favorite days of the tour. We drove to Rochester, NY where a fan of ours Dan, was going to throw a house show for us. It turns out he couldn't get the house he wanted so we set up in his apartment which was on the third floor of a four story place close to campus. We got pretty worried that we'd be shut down pretty quick so some guys and I knocked on every single door and invited people to the party. We played 3 songs and an encore and you couldnt really hear the vocals....but it was fun!

Tuesday May 6th
after finding some food and doing some laundry we headed 30 mintues down the road to another western new york college town in Geneseo. We pulled up to a house with a bunch of kids on the lawn listening to an acoustic group on the porch. We quickly realized this was going to be similar to the last night. All the people we met in this little town were super nice. We played early because we had to set up on the porch and were facing an old woman's house. After the show we hung out with a group nice funny people and ate some awesome spicy pad thai. I don't remember everyones names but....yeah that was fun.

Wed May 7th
We woke up earlish so that we could hit the road and make it to Philly in time to play a radio show. At this point the drastic changes from cold to hot had gotten me pretty congested. Not fun. Exausted we rolled into the radio station, set up and played a few songs and did an interview. Hopefully I'l get that to you soon. Afterwards we headed to the kyber where we played a decent set to an audience of bar patrons and went back to the guys from MILK!'s house and hung out. I crashed out almost immediately.

Thursday May 8th
I woke up in a basement and both my eyes were bloodshot. For a while I seriously thought I had contracted pink eye from laying on one of the other guys bags. I soon realized it was just the fact that we were traveling south into allergy country. We drove to Greensboro North Carolina and played a rad show in a DIY venue called the Spazzatorium Galleria. The other bands were great and our set went over extremely well with all the kids there. It was great to finally play a really warm venue. Allergies plus congestion were making me feel worse and I finally got some medicine the next day.

Friday May 9th
We drove to Charleston South Carolina where we played a house show with my voice on the verge of going out. It actually sounded really bad. Fun party though....ummmm....I cant remember a lot about that night. Sorry dudes!

Saturday May 10th
At this point my voice was completely shot. We drove to Athens, our home away from home and met up with Mike Turner at Wuxtry. We hung out a little and went on a quest for medicine. I tried very hard to get my voice back for the set but it only kind of worked. I had to sing everything in a low register and didn't have the energy to jump around. It sucked because I knew there were a good amount of people that made the effort to come out and see us. Afterwards they all told me not to beat myself up and I said we'd be back and healthy come popfest. After the show we crashed out at the Casper and the Cookies house for two days (thanks jason and kay!)

Tuesday May 13th
After two days off I was finally feeling back to normal. We drove to Huntsville to the Flying Monkey Arts Center where we had played last august. It was a great show! We jumped on with Brooklyns Japanther and Seattle's The Pharmacy who apparently where already fans of our which was a nice surprise, especially because they were one of the best bands we had seen the whole tour. Check those dudes out. They tour a lot.

Wednesday May 14th
Drove to Chattanooga to play a last minute punk rock house show that we found out about the day before. Things were going well during our set until I told everyone where we were playing the next night...and the room cleared. I would later find out why. Afterwards we hung out with Mermaid Police Jason and the other dudes pwnd some noobs on halo 3.

Thursday May 15th
Hung out with Jason all day and went to the show at CLUB FATHOM. Apparently, it is a large venue run by a church that isn't seen in a very good light with most "credible local bands" I kind of got that vibe from the audience. Either way, the stage was huge and they cranked all our instruments so we sounds like an arena rock band. After us Band LaGrand played. They were a very entertaining group that kind of reminded me of a late 70s pop rock group. More newb pwning occurred after the show.

Friday May 16th
When we got to Murphreesboro we hung out with Shane from the Velcro Stars a bit. I love that band. One of my favorites on HHBTM. I honestly don't know them too well but they were all super nice and make some very great tunes. The set was quick but garnered a great response. I turned 25 at midnight and for my birthday the other guys decided to let me sleep as they drove the 10 hours back to Dallas.

So thats about it! good shows good times. We played with Amo Joy the following wednesday and that was totally rad as well. Now that I've gotten that out of the way...I will most likely be blogging more than usual. Oh! also, I have pictures of all this that I'll post soon too.

OH! and we have a show tomorrow night at rubber gloves!
come to it!

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