Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2.5 hour Charlie Kaufman interview

I've been listening to this driving back an forth from work all week and just finished it. 

Here's a link: 

This is the audio for an interview that will eventually end up as an article in Wired Magazine. For fans of Kaufman's writing this is definitely a treat as he has a reputation for being reclusive (which he debunks) and tends to shy away from any DVD extras on his films. My favorite, Adaptation, is a pretty barebones package and offers little insight into the thought process of the film. Maybe it's better that way.  

 Those who would like some of the mystery revealed should check this interview out.  The sections on his life as a sitcom writer are classic. I also get the feeling this is the first of a couple big publicity pushes he's going to make to promote Synecdoche, New York...for better or worse.

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