Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Two weekends ago I went to Las Vegas to attend the wedding of my future in-laws Clint and Rebecca (congrats guys!) The whole experience was interesting but there is an 80% chance I will never go back. Here are some highlights:

Here is me and my fiancé. Yes, I am engaged to a giant green M&M. DON'T JUDGE ME!
Remember when Paul got pissed in '85 that Revolution was used in a Nike Commercial? Well I'm sure he loves the fact that its now a giant brown and neon pink sign/bench chairs in a casino.  The spirit of the 60's is alive and well!
I had to get a new job to pay off my gambling debts. 
The best thing I saw all weekend: a little boy with his hand stuck in a coke machine with tons of shoppers and workers freaking out calling 911. Of course, this was IN THE COCA-COLA STORE, a place where bottles of coke are literally sitting on every table and shelf.  I probably could have closed my eyes reached around and drank two bottles while the whole staff was freaking out. 

The second best thing I saw: a XXXL sparkly shirt of Spider-Man with Ben Franklin's head grabbing wads of cash with his left hand and shooting gold webbing in the shape of a dollar sign with his right hand. 

My hopes are that some one sees this and writes an actual comic from it. Here's what I think the plot should be:  Spider-Man must figure out who has been impersonating him while robbing a series of banks around NYC and only taking all the $100 bills.  As the plot unfolds we find out that the jolly inventor persona of Ben Franklin that we know from history is just a myth and that he was really an evil egomaniacal genius who invented a time machine (out of a kite and key) in order to stop his image from floating around on modern day currency.  When he tries to put the blame on Spider-Man he eventually gets unmasked and dukes it out with our favorite wall crawler. 

Are you paying attention writers of Spider-Man 4?? Let's make this happen!

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HE who is a Tape... as in Patrick Tape Fleming said...

oh boy now that is a shirt... dont think I wont buy it for you, for your wedding!
you guys could both wear it at the same time!