Monday, December 1, 2008

franks tales of the big city

Frank: Dude, I saw Let The Right One In yesterday and guess who was sitting two rows in front of me
me: dale chahuli?
Frank: If only! No, Lou Reed
me: whaddyou do frank
waaadyo do
Frank: Haha, nothing, but at first my roommate was like "This is kinda mean, but doesn't that old lady over there look like Lou Reed?"
me: haha
Frank: "Babba Booey Babba Booey!"
But yeah, we thought it was a weird looking old jewish lady
me: lol
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FrequencyDown said...

Did I mention I was high on pot cookies too?
That made the experience even more surreal.

Just say no, kids. Or you'll end up seeing Lou Reed at a Swedish Vampire Film screening!