Friday, January 23, 2009

Massive update to start the new year.

Well my friends it has been too long since I have updated everyone on the fishblog with the goings on of Fishboy and announcements have been backing up on me. I'll try and make them in the order that they happened:

First, and most important I have married the love of my life Carleen Jean (Death Machine) and we have moved to Denton where we currently have a batch of iced coffee cooling in the fridge.

Second, the new album Fishboy vs. The Om Nom Noms is being mastered by M. Barnhart at the moment. I love this record. It's way different from Albatross, contains mostly down tempo stuff, is fairly short at nine songs, and will be a nice side trail on our way to the record after it. HHBTM will put it out this year.

Thirds, Justin and I spent about three hours last month writing three thirty second songs to be in a national ad campaign for the number one fast food restaurant in the world. At the end of the night we emailed them in, one was chosen, and the following week some studio musicians had the track recorded and ready for me to sing some "La's" over. Here are the results:

What this means is that we can finally afford to reissue our old records in limited vinyl runs as well as have a some nice copies of the new one funded by sodas and cheap iced coffees (not as cheap as the one in my fridge though.)

FOURTHS: Our Daytrotter session is finally up! this was recorded in December of 2007 on the heals of the Albatross. Joe Terry is playing trumpet on it, a couple parts he had learned earlier that day I think. Great stuff on a great sight no matter how belated it is. check it out on

FIFTHS: We are going to play an extremely insane and unique show on Saturday unlike any we have ever played before. If I go into details it will ruin it. But I will say we are going all out for this one. It will be up there with one of our CD Release shows or maybe the show where we battled the Undoing of David Wright with fun noodles. If you were at one of those, its that level of epic specialness. Also playing are some great folks back from my high school days: MOUNT RIGHTEOUS, and DRUG MOUNTAIN. I Made these posters that I'll probably print out and have at the show:

2009 is going to be great my friends. great.


FrequencyDown said...

1 McFishboy Sandwich, please! Bah Dah Bah Bah Bahhhh!

Now every time I dip my McNuggets in that BBQ sauce, I'll think of you. How do you like that image?! Huh?!

becky said...

the wedding illustration is ADORABLE and congratulations on the commercial!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW RECKAD

HE who is a Tape... as in Patrick Tape Fleming said...

ficken send me your address already you pansy!
The gift was going to be for you and Carleen but now its just for carleen! come on!