Thursday, February 5, 2009

who is watching THIS?

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to our show Saturday. If you weren't there or didn't hear the news, we surprised the audience by playing the entire set with basically keyboards and drum machines, dressed in robot costumes calling ourselves FISHBOT. It was a lot of fun and I should have a video documenting the entire day up soon.

On to weirder matters. If you are a total nerd like me you are anticipating/dreading the release of what most have haled the Citizen Kane of graphic novels: WATCHMEN. Author Alan Moore hates every movie adaptation of his books and would literally spit upon anyone who would try and adapt something he wrote. He doesn't own the rights to his most popular works which are have been slowly becoming movies over the past 10 years. Like me, you probably knew all this...but what I just found out is that the title track of the soundtrack is a punk rock cover of Bob Dylan's Desolation Row by My Chemical Romance! WTF?! Watch this:

My Chemical Romance - Desolation Row

I'm not a fan of this band, but this cover that really should have never been made is oddly fitting for a movie that should probably never be made. Follow my logic here: when a mediocre director (the dude who made 300) gets to piss all over a classic, what better to be on the soundtrack than a mediocre band pissing all over another classic?


Devin said...

dude i kind of liked '300'.

Copywriter said...

dude i kind of liked 'MCR'.

fishbulb said...

I kind of liked them both...but not a lot. PERFECT MATCH!