Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well hello!

Some folks were asking me what I thought of WATCHMEN so I thought I'd give a quick review. I think its a solid B+ movie that could never get any better than a B+ as long it was being adapted to the 2-3 hour format. I'm not too mad about all the little changes or goofy action sequences or slickness added in by the director, although there is plenty to pick a part if you want to go there. Nah, I just think the source material works so well in 12 separate parts that having it any shorter breaks the flow and mood that the comic (and even the motion comic) convey so well.

When I got out of the theater my old pal Skip sent me a text message confessing to watching Friday Night Lights which is apparently filmed in Austin because he spotted one of my brothers stickers in the back ground of an episode. If you didn't know already my brother is in the excellent Austin group CAVEDWELLER and has circular stickers of his face pasted all over town. Here is the scene transformed by myself into an excellent GIF:

wow. just watch that 50 times in a row and be amazed.

Our next show is Sunday night at 8pm at Banter on Oak Street in Denton just off the square. It's a showcase for the Denton music festival NX35. Cover for our show is just $5 but you can get various wrist bands that cover any number of shows at Our showcase consists of local favorites SHINY AROUND THE EDGES, ELECTRIC TOY DANGER from austin and LISTEN LISTEN. This will also be the first show with our new drummer Tommy! We are playing a couple of the songs from the new album that I've been playing solo. So Look out! I believe we are second on the bill so get there early!

Austin and Dallasites. We are playing a SXSW house party in Austin on March 19th and at the Cavern in Dallas on the 20th. There are some great great posters made for these shows by Magnificent Beard's Connor Hill and Matt Brinker! Check this out!

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