Friday, April 10, 2009


holy moly it's been sometime since my last blog post. I just got back from seeing Observer and Report and my mind is racing with hilarious brutal violence. Alright lets see, announcements.

I started a new blog of cute things being radical. Of course its called CUTEDICAL and its over at CUTEDICAL.COM Hit me up with submissions if you have any.

We've been working hard on the elaborate packaging for the next record. This thing is going to be extremely thought out and beautiful and done it a couple limited runs. We have officially shorted the album title to NOM and will have a site where you can hear the whole thing soon.

Other than that, we hope to go on the road a little bit this summer. city/venue/bands to play with suggestions are always welcome.

hope to update you soooner than the last time,



James said...

on itunes, the play count for farewell, albatross is like 43 times. thats a LOT OF ALBATROSS.

anyways, im eagerly awaiting the new record. go all freaky styley on the album packaging too. people like that stuff yo.

fishbulb said...

oh, I will. Thats nuts about the play count, I've never looked at that before. Keep in mind that this isn't a direct follow up to albatross but rather and nice snack to hold you over before "Albatross 2"

book_sock_man said...

Pleeease play Jacksonville! Or hell, St. Augustine. That's a fun little beach town. We'd love to have you in the fine state of Florida!

Genia said...

I have said this many a time before but: Come to Australia!
Seriously. I'm getting impatient.

fishbulb said...

both good ideas guys. Jacksonville might come before Australia but it is my life long goal to play both!