Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I'm gonna need to seen an I.D.

My 11 month old niece Hannah went to the community pool today and they made her get an I.D!

The best part is that it doesn't even say her name, it just says "CHILD."

Apparently, the Heritage pool in Keller, TX has had some trouble with baby sized adults sneaking into the children's area and enjoying the water slide; which of course, is totally understandable. The biggest problem I see comes when she tries to go swimming in a few years from now.

"excuse me miss, this doesn't look much like you, are you sure you're a child?"
"oh, that was taken before I could walk or talk"
"I'm gonna need to verify this with head of pool security."


lauren ruth said...

this is hilarious. i'm giggling FO REALZ

Donna Jo said...

I love it! That is exactly what I was thinking! The lady who made the I.D. Made a special point to say that her card couldn't open the gate to the pool, as if she could even get to the gate by herself let alone open it.

jennifer said...