Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what the what

First of all, two days ago I finally got to see Best Friends Forever. This band is so excellent I had no idea what to say to them afterward. "Hey uh...I know some of your friends...please play a show with me next time your in town....uh..." I pretty much handed them a cd and walked away. Do yourself a favor: http://www.myspace.com/bestfriendsforeverandfriends They have an excellent new CD-R out as well.

Second of all, the vinyl is at the plant being vinylized....or however you say it. I'm gonna screen a lot of covers soon and then we'll be in business.

third of all, we are going to release this thing August 18th and tour the west coast playing and rehearsing even newer songs from the next full length which at this point sounds like its going to be a sequel to Albatross or at least take place immediately after those events in the same universe. Oh yes, we are touring with Iji and Watercolor Paintings for most of the trip!

Also, look at this amazing fan video for proper name spelling bee edited using only clips of the excellent movie Spellbound
Did you guys ever see this directors follow up movie Rocket Science? What a good film.

Lastly, I'm playing a house show with the excellent YOUR YELLOW DRESS on Friday in Denton at 1917 Fordham Lane. Spooky Folk, Neil the Deal and Heart String Stranglers are also playing...IT STARTS AROUND NINE and I play SECOND.I'll keep you updated. I'll be playing a lot of new songs maybe 2 or 3 never been played live hits.

So yes...I'm gonna post tour dates and the album cover soon. Hold tight guys, its the summer of George.

one more thing....ZIPBANGBOOM is up on ITUNES! those who have been asking me when its going back into print...maybe this will hold you off for a while. I'd love to reissue all our records in vinyl someday, but for now viva la digital revolcion!

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