Monday, July 13, 2009

site update

Hey guys, I'm working on redesigning the site today. I started with the blog. Cross your fingers and hope it gets done!

***UPDATE! #1 5:47 PM***
I forgot it was trivia night and I can't let my team down. I got a lot of the art done, just have to piece things together now.


trollmaster said...

Awesome! I was wondering why the site had nothing on it!

And so close to the record release!

fishbulb said...

ahh yeah, I should have thought about that when I started. oops!

James said...

hey eric, i was wondering how you go about making your webart? to me it looks like awesome quality internet/photoshop graphics that manage to retain the quality of a good old fashioned pen and paper drawing. its stumped me for a few DAYS!

fishbulb said...

hey James,

My process for poster graphics and webart, is to sketch out a drawing in pencil, then when I'm happy with the image I go over with in black pen or marker, then scan the whole thing in and color it in photoshop. I have bamboo Wacom pad but I'm not comfortable with drawing straight into the computer yet so I mostly use it for coloring.