Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The full album is up for streaming over on the right via bandcamp and now on the new CLASSICCREEPS.COM! Which features the full comic from the liner notes that tells the whole story of the record (one page per song.) It also gives some information about the pre-orders which can be bought at HHBTM.COM I'll repost them here just for fun.

package one $12:
•12" Vinyl (insert includes entire comic on front and back insert) with Digital Download 

package two $20: 
• 12" Vinyl (artwork includes entire comic on front and back insert) with Digital Download 
• an 11 piece 1" button set of all the album characters 
• a 11.5"x24" three color silk screened poster draw by Fishboy of a connection chart of all of the characters from the album

package three $50:
• everything in package two plus
• become a Classic Creep with a custom 12" cloth album slip cover embroidered with the picture and name of your choice!

this last one is going to take a lot of time and effort... and if it looks like we are getting too many orders we'll have to stop offering it....so if you want one order quick!

There is also going to be a short run of casset tapes and CDRs in the near future for those of you who prefer those formats. 

 Expect more show announcements, comics and more fun stuff on this blog in the next coming months. 


PS I'm going to keep this post bumped to the top of the blog for a while...incase anyone was confused. 


The Pancake Master said...

Huge congratumalations on this! I tried to order the super-package but was only charged the $12 plus shipping. It said "add $38" but there was nowhere really to do that...I left notes during the purchasing process both at HHBTM and PayPal, but just so ya know, I want the big monster prize package, you read it here!

fishbulb said...

hmmm I see...this is what happens when you update sites in the middle of the night. :) I sent a message to Mike, it should be fixed soon and he'll email you.

fishbulb said...

ok everything should be fixed!

Jack said...


a question.

i want to get that preorder package with the personalized cover or whatever, but i'm wondering, is it possible to get 2 people on the same cover? also, is it based on a picture or what? i'm wondering about the details and stuff, especially how long it'd take for it to arrive after i officially made the order

time is of the essence! or i mean i would like to get it as soon as possible!

fishbulb said...

two people!? yes. I will try to squeeze it in, but I only have so much space so the two people will have to be a little smaller than just one would be. does that make sense? It is based on a picture so stand close to the other person if you can! the record comes out on April 19, we announced everything this early so that people who order the embroidery will get the record around the same time as everyone else at least by the release date. Digital download links are email asap.

The Pancake Master said...

All righty Mike done E-Mailt me and all is resolved I believe! I await further instruction...

ulla said...

Just a wee note to tell you I think it's a wonderful idea to do an album like that and I really love the drawings + all the specialness added. Plus the lyrics are brilliant!
I got it from bandcamp :)

fishbulb said...

thanks Ulla!