Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Albatross on Vinyl! March and April Shows!


It's March in Texas which means tons of crazy shows from 35C and SXSW and everyone who is passing through for both. As a result, we are swamped with great shows in DFW and one in Austin. Which is great because it will give everyone a chance to get this:

Thats right! Albatross is at last on vinyl! It's not up in the store yet because I am in the middle of moving into a new place and still need to compile all the extras that will come with the digital download (live shows, demos, radio performances) but it will be coming soon. I'm going to do a free acoustic performance next Tuesday at Art Six as a "release show" for this beautiful record and then several shows around town the following week for the two festivals.

Check the shows page! I will elaborate on all of this more later.

Also, there are only a few (maybe five or so) slots for the deluxe embroidery portrait package of Classic Creeps. Order now or be sad later.


Space said...

you guys should come to chicago if you have the money

fishbulb said...

yes! we will try to make it to chicago soon!