Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Albatross Vinyl For Sale! and new SHIRTS!

Well, I stayed up really late but I finally got the albatross vinyl up for sale. check it out here
With every purchase of the vinyl (and now digital) you will receive the following digital bonus tracks:
  • Audio from the 2007 Albatross CD release show; We played the entire album and more while being yelled at by an obnoxious fan. (this is a pretty rough recording, but dont worry there's more!)
  • Audio from an hour plus radio performance we gave in 2007 on tour in California featuring some pretty hilarious and awkward banter. We played the whole album here as well and the audio is a little better (and gets better toward the end)
  • Six demos! (tracks 4-9 on the album) Pretty much the only listenable demos I could find. 
Overall, this is somewhere around two hours worth of bonus Albatross content! But best of all is the vinyl record which really is beautiful. Many many thanks go out to Arnaud and his new Fishstick Records imprint for helping put this thing out.

I decided to sell it on bandcamp (and move my whole store there) as opposed to my site so that you can instantly get the digital bonus stuff once you buy the vinyl instead of having to wait for me to email you a link. Also, they accept more than paypal which is nice. It still has a couple of kinks but please let me know if you have any problems and we will work something out.

Also:  NEW SHIRTS! We have two new shirt designs in that I'm super proud of check it out!

You can get them over at our  shirt page and at upcoming shows!

I'm gonna go to sleep, see you guys soon!http://yofishboy.bandcamp.com/album/shirts

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