Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Classic Creeps Update! New Acoustic Vid!

First, Mike posted a small picture of what the buttons and poster will look like over at the hhbtm blog. It seems there are still plenty of $20 packages left with the vinyl, poster, and button set, but only 4 packages left with the embroidered cover (w/ vinyl, poster, and button set).  So if you want to get one of those you still can but it wont last long because I've already started making them. Also, if you bought one of those embroidered covers and haven't heard from or responded me or Mike asking for a picture reference please send me one ASAP.

If this is your first time to the site and have no idea what I'm talking about, click our new album cover below:

The release show is three weeks away! This is going to be an extremely fun show with three of my favorite local bands: Spooky Folk, New Science Projects and Alphabet. Mark the date! April 23rd at Rubber Gloves!

Finally, I will leave you with this video from an acoustic session I did during 35 Conferette for Radio UTD. They wrote a nice piece on our whole experience over on their blog too!

P.S. thanks to everyone who ordered the Albatross vinyl yesterday! I'll be sending these out soon!

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The Pancake Master said...

Man! I am actually thinking about visiting ye olde Texasse on/around the 23rd of April...if I do, I will get to that release concert for surely. Still trying to get a good picture together for my customized record cover...