Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Classic Creeps LIVE ACOUSTIC CASSETTE + Alberto CDR Edition

Hey guys! We leave for tour tomorrow and I wanted to show off a few new items we'll have on the road with us.

The first is a super rare limited edition cassette release of Classic Creeps performed live on acoustic instruments by Ryan, Rob and myself. Michael Briggs of Gutterth and the Violitionist sessions recorded it at his place the day after we got back from the west coast leg of the tour and it sounds great! This is going to be put out by Slanty Shanty Records out of Norman, OK as part of their Tape Club but we will have some copies on tour.

Next we have a the ALBERTO SIMMONS EDITION of the Classic Creeps CDR!
These were handed painted in shades of yellow and white and then screen printed with brown ink. Each one is unique, handed numbered, painted, silkscreened and then burned to a fauxvinyl CDR, singed and put in a plastic slip cover.  There are only fifty of this edition, we'll sell them on tour first and then put the remaining on the website when we get back.

unfolded sleeves


The Pancake Master said...

OH CRAP I still need a copy of that tape. That's tight that Slanty Shanty is putting it out!

Fizzy Business said...

Yo, Fishboy! I gotta get me some of those tapes to distro through Lost Sound Tapes.

Lost Sound Tapes said...

I've got too many Google accounts.

Eric Edward Fishboy said...

contact Slanty Shanty! I don't know how many they are going to make, but the first run is super small.

The Pancake Master said...

Slanty Shanty! A Shanty of Slanty!