Thursday, November 3, 2011

We're back dudes!

Hey friends!

We are back from tour, which was a blast, of couse.  I have been super busy but all the tour comics are plotted out and ready to be drawn...I just need the time! Also, two new additions will be made to the store and adjustments to the sizes we sold out of on the road will be made as well.

We have two Texas shows in November, one is a post Austin Comic con part at Skinnys on the 12th (FACEBOOK INFO HERE)

and the other is at Hailey's in Denton on Nov 18th with Dust Congress and Welcome Signs.

More updates soon, in the meantime, here is a video from a cat party we played tour in Worchester, Mass! The whole crazy show is up on youtube thanks to Bonica!


patrick said...

remember when you played my birthday party.. can i play yours punk

Eric Edward Fishboy said...

Yep! Come to Denton in May!

The Pancake Master said...

Hey, my birthday is in May, too! Can we double up on birthday-party-times or what?